Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cowboys, Aliens, and a Bumblebee

I promised to share with you our Halloween costumes, since so many of you gave me such great ideas when you commented on this post. I decided to take the easy way out, however, and went by myself to Target just a couple days before Halloween... all the costumes were 30% off - SCORE! I just chose my favorite ones, and it couldn't have turned out better! The boys were very pleased with what I chose (imagine that?!)... and here's how they looked:

Michael and I even dressed up this year... We're the "Armed Forces". Get it? I'll let that one sink in a bit. Take particular note of Michael's "intimidating" expression. *giggle*

And, to make the evening even more fun, we stationed Morgan, our resident Alien, on a bench on our front porch with a bowl of treats.

Recognize those treats? They're the ones from this post! Anyway, when Morgan would hold completely still, he looked like a prop. So when an unsuspecting Trick-or-Treater would approach, we'd say, "Just help yourself" and when they'd reach for a treat, the alien would flinch and SPOOK 'em! Oh, it was so much fun!

I hope you all had a great Halloween... and I trust that you're all eating as much chocolate as I am?

PS: ...for those of you who still didn't get it, here's a clue:

Get it now?


Anonymous said...

So cute! Looks like you had fun! We have that same alien costume too except in adult size and my husband wore it while we trick or treated in our neighborhood with our little witch and pony. Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

Armed Forces...Love it! I've been trying for years to get my husband to dress up...but no go, yet...maybe next year!

The boys are so cool!

Pattie Sykes (psychspa) said...

Great costumes and sense of humor!


Kurtis said...

Armed forces....I'm still laughing. I don't even personally know you (although I feel like I know you a little bit because I check your blog every bit as much as I check my sisters' blogs), but you crack me up. So creative. Love it. And the boys' costumes were great as well...and not the typical costumes I saw this year, which makes them even better. ~Lindsey

Argyle Cats said...

Your cards are beautiful!

Tiffany Bauer said...

You are soooooo cracking me up!!!! I love it!!! You guys had such great costumes and I really liked your and your husbands' costume....too funny!!!!

Karen said...

Hey Michelle,

Love this pics...............MAY THE "FORCE" BE WITH YOU! lol

Thanks for sharing your halloween fun with us all!


KJ said...

Great costumes!!