Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bitty Box Idea

Sorry for the delay - I've been having trouble with my Photoshop program. Here is what my older boys made for some Valentine treats, but they'd be cute for birthday parties or just a little gift for a friend.

These came about when I made the Bitty Box for the first time - the little tab that tucks into the box to hold it closed was hard for me to pull out, and I was afraid the kids would rip the box up to get inside, so I punched out a circle and glued it to the tab giving them something to pull on. Then I realized it looked like a tongue!! ...voila!

We used various punches to make the facial features and hair. Here are a couple close-ups:

We filled ours with M&Ms!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Milk Cartons

I am still overflowing with gratitude at all the wonderful comments that continue to trickle in! Thank you SOOOOOO much for your support. It means a LOT to me... and, as you can see, it does have a direct reflection on my incentive to post!! :)

Here are the Valentine boxes I made for some friends in my Bible study group. I just love the Mini Milk Carton Die for the Big Shot!! It is SO easy to put together (I do recommend using scrap paper for your first one until you figure it out)...

...and I love how you can leave one end of the top unglued so they can pop it out just like a real carton! In fact, I didn't glue the top at all, I just clipped one end shut!

I stamped the bottom with the signature stamp (before folding, of course!).

And although I made several different "looks", these were the only two designs I decided were "blog-worthy"!

Again, if you have any questions about how these work, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Hugs to all my wonderful, loyal readers!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


WOW. You ladies are amazing. Here I thought everyone forgot about me!! To receive all those nice words was just incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You know, the only incentive I have to do posts at all is for the kudos I receive! I'm not selling much anymore (but I certainly don't turn down orders!), therefore this blog doesn't really generate any monetary benefit... many, if not most, of you are fellow demonstrators anyway. So, I suppose as long as I continue to get kind words like you left on that last post, then I'll stick around!! :)

Here are some bookmarks I made back in February for Maddox to give to his friends as Valentines. I spent a little too much time on them, seeing as how they are 3-year olds, and what 3-year old really needs a bookmark?! But I'm a Stampin' Momma, and Stampin' Momma's, as you know, just GOTTA make things cute!

And here's a close-up of my favorite - the little monkeys:

So, regardless of whether these bookmarks actually found their way into a book, or if they were promptly discarded into the bin, it's beside the point. The point WAS... to STAMP, by golly! And for the record, I LOVE the new clear mount stamps!! How 'bout you?


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Been A Long Time...

Well, hello! Yes, it's been a long time... a very, very long time. Probably the longest stretch I've gone without updating this blog. My loyal readers know how my life has changed in the last year - and today does happen to mark the ONE YEAR anniversary of our move to the mountains! We are loving life out here in Colorado, loving homeschooling, loving being together as a family. As much as I hate that it takes time away from some of my passions (stamping definitely being one of them!), I will never sacrifice my family time for anything. I do believe it says so to the left there under my picture! So, without further ado, let me show you a card I made a few weeks ago... and this post is for you, Liz. (you can all thank her, as it was her persuading that got me on here tonight!)

Now, one of the things that keeps me from blogging is the time it takes to edit the photo, add the watermark, and then track down all the supplies I used to make the cards so I can include it in the post. I'm okay with the editing part, but I wanted to get your thoughts on how horrible it would be if I did NOT include a list of supplies? If you really like a card and can't determine what I used, you can always leave me a comment and as long as you give me a way to contact you, I will ALWAYS respond and answer your specific questions. Would that be okay with you? ...if there's even anyone out there that still reads my blog! :) Let me know your thoughts.

Hugs to you all... I hope you're having a glorious spring!

(it appears that my signature has been deleted... just something else for me to work on. *sigh*)