Saturday, April 17, 2010


WOW. You ladies are amazing. Here I thought everyone forgot about me!! To receive all those nice words was just incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You know, the only incentive I have to do posts at all is for the kudos I receive! I'm not selling much anymore (but I certainly don't turn down orders!), therefore this blog doesn't really generate any monetary benefit... many, if not most, of you are fellow demonstrators anyway. So, I suppose as long as I continue to get kind words like you left on that last post, then I'll stick around!! :)

Here are some bookmarks I made back in February for Maddox to give to his friends as Valentines. I spent a little too much time on them, seeing as how they are 3-year olds, and what 3-year old really needs a bookmark?! But I'm a Stampin' Momma, and Stampin' Momma's, as you know, just GOTTA make things cute!

And here's a close-up of my favorite - the little monkeys:

So, regardless of whether these bookmarks actually found their way into a book, or if they were promptly discarded into the bin, it's beside the point. The point WAS... to STAMP, by golly! And for the record, I LOVE the new clear mount stamps!! How 'bout you?



Liam said...

Love these bookmarks they are gorgeous. so simple but beautiful. I love seeing your work even if it is a lot less than before. You do such lovely work. Thanks so much for keeping the blog going and I agree with you about the supplies list that is where the time is taken doing a blogpost. Thanks for the inspiration.


Maria H. said...

Awesome bookmarks, and yes, LOVE. LOVE, LOVE the clear mount stamps!

Debbie said...

I love some of the clear mount stamps. Some are better than others. I'm still a die-hard red rubber stamper though.
I love your bookmarks and agree it's the stamping process that's fun.
I don't blog very often because of the time it takes to type up my how-to's. I think I'm going to stop adding those to my blog posts and see how that goes. I don't get very many comments on my blog so I'm not too inspired to post much.
Glad you didn't give up though.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Darlene L said...

Oh, how I can relate. I made my gs's valentines this year--he is only 14 months old, but they had an exchange at school. They were so cute and all the parents loved them--the only handmade cards in the group. The kids thought--well who knows? I am keeping your idea for sometime in the future.

PS I too love the clear mounts and won't buy anymore woodmounts.

Anonymous said...

I love the bookmark! What a great teacher gift they would also make. And, fyi, I'm not a demonstrator, I love your blog (no matter how often you do), and, on behalf of those who are sometimes creatively challenged, I thank you for your inspiration!