Monday, November 2, 2009

My New Stampin' Desk!!

I am so excited to share this with you... because it is something I am truly excited about! If you follow my blog, you know that I used to have a wonderful stamp room when we lived in Texas. I was sad to give that up, but I am thrilled with my new space. I want to thank all of you who gave me suggestions on new stamping desk ideas, but I managed to come up with this solution on my own. Since my space had to be out in the open (in a corner of our downstairs game room), I wanted something that I could close up so it wouldn't look so cluttered. I started by purchasing a computer armoire on Craigslist, but after getting it home and halfway down the steps, we realized it wasn't going to make the turn at the base of the stairs! Aaaargh! But it was a blessing in disguise... because THIS is what I found instead:

A gorgeous roll-top desk and matching file cabinet! It was even a little cheaper than the armoire, and it matches our wood trim so much better. We have another roll-top upstairs where the boys do their schoolwork, and it looks so nice that I decided to look into one as a possible stamping desk. Because it is designed for a computer, it allows me to put my Ott Light and heat gun right inside while the cords get threaded out the back. I plan to put a decor element on the wall above the desk... probably the Life Milestones one, which says, "Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments." I will post updated pictures when that's done.

You may think there's not enough room to spread out, but I'm finding out that less space is actually BETTER for me... there's nowhere to just leave things out like I used to. My desk would get so cluttered from just leaving it in a pile - now I take a couple minutes after each card and put things AWAY where they belong! And when everything has a place within arms reach, it's so much easier to do! Plus, I do have a pull-out tabletop on either side if I need some extra room - which I have not needed.

Now, here's one of my MOST FAVORITE THINGS about this desk... ribbon storage!!

I have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER had such a PERFECT spot to store my ribbon before! Isn't it beautiful!! It's the second drawer on the right - I just pull it open, find the one I want, and take the whole spool out! It is brilliant... believe me! I've fought with all kinds of ribbon solutions and this is so simple, yet so perfect! I truly believe this was worth the price of the desk all by itself!

Now here's the top drawer... I am still playing with finding the perfect spot for things, but so far, all of my scissors are in here, along with other things I use a lot... my color swatch deck, sanding blocks, sponges, etc.

And here is the bottom drawer on the right. It's deeper than the others, and it keeps all of my Big Shot dies nice and orderly, along with some extra things in the back.

The left side of the desk is where a computer tower or printer would go, but I use it for my punches and cardstock scraps (you may remember my cardstock scrap box from before - it is still very much a part of my stamping station!). I am not totally satisfied with how I have my punches stored (all in a bin like this), but I'm waiting for another brilliant idea on how to improve it. Any ideas? For now, this works fine. Underneath that shelf is a big hollowed out area where my extra grid paper and other larger items fit nicely - like my Circle Scissor Plus and glass mat.

Okay, now for another one of my VERY FAVORITE aspects of this desk... the pull-out keyboard tray!

Instead of a keyboard, I use it for my paper trimmer and Stampin' Scrub! Oh, how convenient it is to have these two staples always available and very accessible! It is fantastic!!

Like any roll-top desk, there are ample cubbies and bins just perfect for all of my stamping accessories... here is the right side of the desk top which holds my markers, Watercolor Wonder Crayons, embellishments, embossing powders, etc. The biggest drawer on top has my watercolor pencils and pastels, while the smaller ones hold my "specialty" ink pads - Versamark, StazOn, Encore, etc. Eventually, when I'm sure I have everything where I want it, I will have nice labels on the drawers.

On the left side of the desk top, there is a nice, deep drawer that is PERFECT for storing envelopes!! It was like this desk was built just for me! The other drawers on this side hold all of my adhesives (snail, dimensionals, glue dots, etc.), and there's a wide shallow drawer with pencil-sized wells in it that store my bone folders, gel pens, blender pens, and even my Tearing Edge. And speaking of enough space, I still have an entirely empty drawer!

On top of the desk, I have a couple other storage spaces - this beautiful treasure box holds all of my "rejects" - pieces that I have punched and not used, or even small stamped pieces. I like to dig through it every now and then to see what kind of cards I can make with my cast-offs. And it's a fun box for my nieces to go through when they come over.

On the other side, I have a caddy with glass jars that hold things like my Flower Fusion pieces, Die Cut Blooms, and even Chipboard. I found this caddy a couple years ago at "First Monday Trade Days" out in Canton, Texas. I love the look of it, and I'm happy to put it to good use!

To the right of the desk is the little filing cabinet that came with the desk. It holds all of my cardstock, and I keep my Big Shot on top of it within easy reach!

Against the wall is a ledge that is perfect for the ink cabinet that Michael built for me back in Texas, and I have a couple of these antique printer trays where I store the retired stamps that I refuse to part with. Eventually they will both get hung on the wall, but for now they just rest here.

Finally, I must mention that we also have a large storage room downstairs where I have all of my other "less used" stamping supplies. I have claimed several shelves in there, and there's even a bookshelf to house all of my stamp sets. What I'm in the process of creating is a personalized "catalog" using images of the stamp sets I own cut from old catalogs. I will put them in sheet protectors in a binder so I can flip through it to find just what I want to use. This will make it so easy to go retrieve the desired set from the storage room! It's also good for finding just the right sentiment since they're scattered all throughout the sets. Once I finish this book, I'll show you a picture of it... but that may be awhile - I'm spending all my free time stamping right now! Yippee!

Well, that's it!! What do you think?! Cozy, huh?! (Don't forget that lovely view I get from the downstairs window!) I'd love to hear your comments!


Laura Howell said...

Wow it looks like it is turning into a great space! I would buy the towel racks to put the punches on below where you have your ink pads. The punches would drive me nuts like that and I love having them on the wall, so easy to find and put away. So glad you are finding some time to stamp.

Tricia said...

I love it! Where did you end up finding it? I've been searching for ideas for my space, too, since I lost my stamping room in our move, as well. Currently I'm along the wall of our bedroom, but my desk isn't enclosed and it is a constant battle to keep up with it!!

Pam Speidel said...

Michele, this is PERFECT! Love the roll-top desk and how totally organized it is. Happy Stamping! :)

Christina said...

Wow - I love that!! Please share where you got such a great find. I have been looking for a very long time and can't find anything I'm happy with but that desk seems perfect.

Jayne Mercer said...

This is just perfect Michelle. Great find.

Marelle Taylor said...

This is fabulous! You sound so happy with it, and I bet you had so much fun putting everything into it's little home!
I'm so glad you found such a perfect solution!

Sharon said...

Hooray Michelle! Your "corner" looks fantastic! I love the desk, what a great idea. I'm so glad you finally found what you were looking for. I hope this means you'll be posting more - I've missed your wonderful designs and ideas! Maybe you could just feed us something once a week or so. LOL

Pattie Sykes said...

Love it, Love it, Love it. Laura Howell beat me too my thought of the punch storage. I think the towel rods under your ink pads area would be great.

Congratulations on this! I wish I had done something like this to begin with. Maybe it would have provided some "control" on my purchases!!!! Then again, maybe not! HeeHee!


Debbie said...

Absolutely perfect! I want one just like it! I agree having less space and putting it all away is so much better. Enjoy!!

Diane said...

Michelle, this is a stunning desk. I can't believe how perfect it is for all those supplies. It's beautiful and practical. I'm so happy for you!

Martha said...

this is just wonderful, love how everything is organized.

Mary said...

What a wonderful idea. I have a whole room and constantly fight the clutter. You've found a fabulous solution. Congrats on a great job.

Debbie said...

Here it is 2015, 5+ years later ... Bought myself a roll top on Craigslist right after seeing yours. Still loving it! It has kept me so much more organized, tidying up after card making is quick since everything has a place. Thanks so much for sharing your idea!