Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Where's Michele??..."

Hi, my loyal friends and readers... I have been contemplating writing this post for some time but have put it off for so long because, quite simply, I don't want to write it! You have all seen my posts dwindle down to almost nothing. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for that because I WANT to give you more. I WANT to continue to inspire you. I WANT to share with you how fabulous I think the Stampin' Up! products are... (and they really ARE fabulous - just wait til you see the Holiday Mini that goes live on September 1st!) ...and quite honestly, I thrive on all the wonderful compliments you shower me with!!

...but the bittersweet truth is that I just can't. I can't keep up the pace I set while I was in Texas. I love it here in Colorado and we're enjoying more family time together than we EVER have. Just LOOK at this beauty!! I made my own postcard from a photo I took a week ago on our way up to Mt. Evans.

In addition, I no longer have a room dedicated solely to stamping and paper crafting like I used to. I have a corner downstairs for all of my precious supplies, and I get down there to drool over them every chance I get, but those chances are fewer and farther between.

Many of you also know that tomorrow, August 24th, I will begin homeschooling our boys. It is my full intention to shower them with every ounce of energy I have in order to make their remaining school years the best that they can possibly be. In the evenings when I do have time for me, I plan to stamp some and I will always show you what I have made. But I won't (and haven't for awhile) stamp every day... I also like to sew, quilt, read, and spend time with my incredibly handsome husband. Therefore, stamping will have to take its rightful place among this list.

I just wanted to give all of you an explanation as to why I've been scarce these days. Please note that I will not be giving up my demonstratorship - I love it too much! So please continue to ask me questions, place orders through me or my website, and share your love of stamping with me... the best way to reach me is through e-mail.

In closing, let me just reiterate that I'm LOVING it here in Colorado - there's no place I'd rather be. Life is good, we're all healthy, and I hope that you are too. I'll catch you when I can... and I do so hope you understand.


Karen said...

Hi there Michelle,

I am so glad to read your post......although I'm not homeschooling my children, other things in my life are of more importance to stamping right now and that is where I am putting all my focus and energy! Your post was beautiful, and I am so glad that your enjoying Colorado and the wonderful family time that we all so really need!! I'll continue to pop by from time to time and see what you've been up to - that is for certain!

Luv Karen

Karen said...

Oops just me gain - in all my rambling, I forgot to tell you to not feel one bit of guilt! What your doing is right for you and your family...........and thats what matters most!


Pattie Sykes said...

Who can blame you. Beautiful surroundings, loving family. And THAT is what is important in life -- FAMILY. Do not feel guilty.... don't you know we all want what is best? Have fun with the home schooling and we'll hear from you when we hear from you.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to feel guilty about not stamping each day at all. Afterall, you are spending quality time with your family and your boys need you most right now. I'll look forward from hearing from you now and then. Thanks for all you do.

Robin Nixon

Anonymous said...

Dear Michele, Though I have missed your daily posts, I totally understand what you are doing; you are putting your priorities in rightful order. I will continue to check your blog from time-to-time for your creative inspiration. Good luck with the homeschooling; the boys are in great hands with their mom at the helm of their education. Enjoy Colorado; it is truly a beautiful state. Enjoy your wonderful family; they always need to come first in everyone's life.

Happy everything,

Anonymous said...

Hi friend!

I'm so happy to hear how very happy YOU are! It's wonderful. You are doing everything for the right reasons...our kids grow up way too fast and those memories will always be more important after all is said and done. I wish you well as you homeschool your boys - it's not something I'd be confident doing - but then again mine are in high school now so there's no way for me! Take care and enjoy it all!


Tabitha said...

I am so glad I read your post! I feel the same way. I love to stamp, sew, read, and take photo's but I think I am going to enjoy spending time with my family more! Doesn't mean I can't still do the things I love but I just need to not have them be the main focus of my life!

Glad you are loving Colorado! Good luck with homeschooling!

Cheryl Lynn Hirzel said...

I want to congratulate you on "making & keeping the main thing the Main Thing." Your children will arise and and call you "blessed."

Jenny Hayward said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's so important that you spend time with your family and home schooling is going to take up so much of your time. Don't feel guilty. Enjoy your stamping when you get the time.

Take care,
Love Jenny H.

Rachael Knight said...

Hi Michelle,
Please don't feel guilty! I visit your blog for inspiration so had noticed the posts getting less frequent, but I am pleased to know it's because you are doing what is right for your family. You won't get this time back with your boys - dare I say it (because I am a demo too and love it!) but there will always be time for stamping when they're all grown up! Sending you inky hugs from New Zealand!

ScrappyKy said...

I couldn't be happier that a fellow mom is making the choices you are making right now. As a blogger myself, I know that guilt over not posting "enough" and that feeling of never being done that comes along with a commitment like blogging. Just know that this reader (even though I am usually invisible) looks forward to whatever time you do get to say hello and couldn't be happier that you are a happy family in your new home. Go make memories that can be scrapped later when those precious boys have families of their own! :)

Tara Kieninger said...

I totally get your situation as I'm in the same boat. I'm putting my focus on family too. And for various reasons, I am resigning as a demo. Though it's sad in a way, it's also very freeing. I applaud you for your decision....because it's the right one for you. Best of luck with the homeschooling!