Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sheltering Tree

The Sheltering Tree stamp set is so beautiful... maybe that's cuz I like trees so much, but I sure like this set. Here are a couple cards I made with it lately. This first one was a CASE off Pinterest, and I believe it originated with Nancy Amato:

Don't miss that pretty heart... it's made with the new Itty Bitty Accents Epoxy Stickers (#137856, $3.95) in the Seasonal Catalog. They're so fun!

Here's a couple more that are fairly similar:

Perhaps I keep putting all these leaves on the tree because all I see out my window are trees covered in snow?!

Enjoy whatever weather you've been blessed with today!

1 comment:

/p said...

I think even if you were still in Texas you might be seeing snow on the trees! I love this set too; however, I have yet to put ink to it.