Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Back!

So sorry for the delay in my posts! I didn't even have a chance to tell you I was leaving! As soon as I returned from Convention, I had 2 days... 2 BUSY days to get prepared to go to New York with my oldest son for a mother/son trip. We were there an entire week and did just about everything there is to do in Manhattan - and we even went down to Coney Island in Brooklyn. We had an ABSOLUTE blast together and it was a trip we'll never forget! (now I've gotta get busy with My Digital Studio and make a book to commemorate our special trip!)

Anyway, I'm back and trying to dig my way back out of laundry, e-mails, and other duties such as re-stocking the fridge! It's good to be home... and I even have a box of Stampin' Up! goodies just begging to be opened and played with! (aka: incentive to get the less-desirable chores done quickly!)

Here's a lovely card that is very simple to make using the gorgeous Wetlands stamp set. It just takes some Watercolor Paper and a few swishes of ink watered down with an Aqua Painter.

Easy-Peasy! Okay... back to that laundry. :)



Pattie S said...

Love, Love, Love it!

Freda said...

I love this card with the watercolour background for the shorebirds. I'm having difficulty getting crisp images when stamping on watercolour paper. Any secrets or tips which might help?