Monday, September 17, 2007

A Criss-Cross Thank You

You've heard of "house calls", right? They are virtually non-existant anymore. But what about "school calls"?? My middle son, Morgan, had something going on with his new molar that's coming in and I thought it might need to be looked at. I called the dentist on Friday only to remember that they're closed on Fridays. I happen to have somewhat of a personal relationship with our dentist (Morgan went to preschool with her son), so I called her on her cell phone just to see if the situation could wait until Monday. Of all the wonderful things she could do (and has done) for us, this time she went above and beyond and actually dropped by Morgan's SCHOOL! She assessed the situation, removed a foreign object and then sent him back to class! Needless to say, a gorgeous thank you card was in order!

Thank you cards are my favorite kind of cards to make. To honor someone's kindness and generosity by making a homemade card, to me, is the best way to show my appreciation. For this one, I used this card by Beate Johns for inspiration.

I wanted to include a note and a gift card, so I made my insert a folder so she could pull it out and open it up to read my personal note. Here is what it looks like pulled out:

This concept is called a Criss-Cross card. It works well to showcase some patterned paper - I used "Brocade Background". The colors I paired with it are Chocolate Chip, Old Olive, and Naturals Ivory. I also used the Round Tab punch attached with Vintage brads, some ribbon from the "Fairy Tale" Ribbon Originals... oh, and LOOK! I used that swirly thing from the "Carte Postale" stamp set! Those of you who have followed my blog faithfully will remember the not-so-pretty card I made using that long ago - I am not even going to re-link to it here! Ha! But doesn't it look beautiful on this card? I am quite happy with how this turned out... very elegant and just the look I was going for. Now I'll write a nice note, tuck a gift card in there, and drop it by her office.

I love it when something turns out the way you wanted! Thanks Beate!


Nancy Riley said...

GORGEOUS! Your criss cross card does a great job showcasing the Brocade Background DP! Very elegant! Gotta make one of those criss cross cards very soon!

Marelle Taylor said...

Oh WOW. This would have to be one of the most gorgeous cards I've seen EVER. I love these colours...and how nice is that ribbon?!? Love it all!

April said...

This is my new favorite. I also like the card that matched the birthday invitation.

Kathy said...

Beautiful card - and for a great reason. I need to try one of these cards.

Angie said...

I love this card. I don't make these myself, but I love looking at yours and seeing what you've come up with. This is just beautiful!!