Monday, December 22, 2008

"Blog Sweets" Winners!

Hi everyone! As promised, I am here to reveal the winners of my earlier Blog Sweet post... I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every comment - there were some tremendous stories and loads of great ideas for homemade gifts! As always, I used a random number generator to choose 3 numbers... and it chose 27, 54, and 68.

Number 27 is Paula in Illinois:
I have you on my Google reader so I never miss a post. :o) Several years ago at the daycare I was working at we had secret Santa's. I had no idea who mine was, but my final gift was a hand made sweatshirt. It had an angel made from lace handkerchiefs on the front. My boss, who was very crafty, had gotten my name. It was one of the best home made gifts I ever got! Have a Merry Christmas!

Number 54 is Cathy Carter:
I hear you! Handmade gifts are the best! I think the best one I ever received was from my friend April. One year she typed and printed the lyrics to a TON of Christmas songs on all kinds of different Christmas papers...laminated them...and bound them together with ribbon. It was so beautiful - one of the best gifts I've ever gotten, and definitely my favorite hand made gift!

Number 68 is Darla in Virginia:
I love your blog! I was inspired recently to start being an SU demonstrator, partially b/c of you and others like you with your gorgeous creations! I love to get inspiration out there from what others are doing. You definitely have a gift! Love, love, love your Christmas cards. My favourite handmade gift is likely a set of building blocks, trucks, and a toybox my dad made for me and my brother when we were about 5. I still have them and my kids now play with them too!

Ladies, please contact me with your mailing information and I will send the goodies on their way soon... but it will have to wait until after the holidays! Also, when I get back from my parents' place, I will show you what I will be sending, but I can tell you that it will definitely include a stamp set!!

PS: I also can't wait to show you all the homemade gifts that we made! We'll be exchanging them tomorrow... I'll take pictures and show you soon!


~Christina~ said...

Congrats winners!

Anonymous said...

YAY, congratulations to the winners!!! Merry Christmas to all!
Liz K

Darla said...

GASP! I can't believe I won something...I almost didn't even leave a comment b/c I never win! THANK YOU for having a Christmas give-away!