Monday, March 16, 2009

BIG Savings...

I'm sorry it's been a whole week since you've heard anything from me... but I've been on vacation with my family in Hawaii! Needless to say, I haven't stamped anything, either. :( But, the good news is that we found our new home! That's right! We placed the initial offer and did all the negotiating from Hawaii. It's beautiful! We'll be on 4 acres in the middle of a flat lot with a ton of trees... it'll be like we're camping everyday! Michael and I will be heading out there again this week for the inspection, and if all goes well, it will be ours the middle of April... which means I better get crackin' on all this packin'! :)

In celebration of this (and because I want less to pack!), I am going to hold a SPECIAL SALE on all of my retired items... From now through April 10th, you can own any of my retired items for 20% OFF! (This discount does not apply toward shipping costs.)

In addition, don't forget that this is the last couple of weeks of the Sale-a-Bration sale... through March 30th, with every $50 catalog purchase, you get to choose a FREE item from the Sale-a-Bration brochure. And if you place your order through my website, you can even get a FREE Idea Book & Catalog!

And finally, Stampin' Up! just announced a new way to help you get started as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator... the Three Easy Payment plan! Through April 30th, you can pay for the kit over 3 months instead of all at once! With your initial Starter Kit payment, you will be able to start earning back your initial investment as well as take care of the remaining payments! PLUS... if you decide to join before Sale-a-Bration is over (March 30th), you will get the kit at a 15% discount ($169 total instead of $199) and ALSO get to choose a FREE stamp set from the catalog!

This is a lot to digest... feel free to let me know if you have any questions! I'm more than happy to help you start saving!


Pattie Sykes (psychspa) said...

Congrats on your new home and also the chance to spend some time in Hawaii! What a lucky one you are!


Mamawheelie said...

Oh my goodness! We're buying a house now, too! It's our first one, so I'm being seriously anal-retentive when it comes to knowing as much about the process as I can. (Thankfully our "people" tell me that it's not annoying but is nice so they know what they'll have to explain. ...I hope they're not fibbing to me.) Anyway, our closing date is April 22nd, provided all continues to go well. Yay for us! :D (Um, all of us, not just my husband and I.)