Sunday, March 22, 2009

Packing Up My Stamp Room

Oh gosh, it feels so good to sign on and say hello to all of you... my loyal friends. I am so sorry that I am having to neglect you so much! But if you're keeping up with me, you know that I am in the throes of moving from Dallas to Denver. And it's getting very close... we will most likely have a moving truck here on April 13th. This is sooner than we anticipated, but we cannot complain one bit... I don't know if I told you the whole story:

When I sent an e-mail out to some of our friends a couple months ago that we were moving, one of them responded back with, "We gotta talk!"... as it turns out, they wanted to move into our neighborhood and have always liked our house. We ended up selling our home to them without even listing it! How's THAT for an easy sale?! To make the story even sweeter, this particular friend is one of the Stampin' Up! demonstrators on my team!! Of course, I told her that she'll have to carry on my legacy of having workshops in the dining room... :) They were just about as fortunate as we were in selling their home - they sold it in only 4 days. Obviously, this whole move was just meant to be, don't you think?

Well, needless to say, Michael and I have had to make some quick trips out to Denver to find a home. We have done just that, and the inspection last week went very well. We now hope that the chain of closings will go smoothly and everyone involved will find themselves comfortable in their new homes.

As for my posts, just as I warned you before, they will be scarce to non-existent over the next couple months. As the title says, I have to begin packing up my stamp room, and I will not see any of it again for several weeks... Can you say OUCH!!? Don't forget, though, that I am selling all of my retired items for 20% off the prices shown! The less I have to pack, the better!

I do hope you'll continue to be a follower of my blog... I'm so afraid that by the time I get settled in Denver, all of you will have moved on and forgotten about me!!

Signing out with lots of Stampin' Hugs,


Anonymous said...

I could never forget about you Michele, I still check in daily to see if you posted. :) I'll be here when you post again. All my best during your move. Sounds like this was just meant to be, like you said. Think of you often. Happy Trails.........
Liz K

Jenn Greeley said...

I will be anxiously awaiting your return to the blogging world. Don't worry I don't think we will forget about you. We'll all be waiting to hear how Denver is treating you. Just think....your super close to the Convention location.

Rachel Taasaas said...

Don't worry we won't forget you! We will all be patiently waiting for your return. Good luck with the move!
Rachel T.

Pattie Sykes (psychspa) said...

We won't forget you. As others have said, we are all patiently waiting until the dust settles and you can share with us again.

Good luck in the move.

Karen said...

Hiya Michelle!!

No way will we all forget about you! Crikey, your cards are wayyyy too nice for that! lol

I wish you all the luck in the world with your move, and look forward to when you can hook back into stamping again!


Trudi said...

All the best for your move. Hopefully it doesn't take long for your stamp room to be put back together in your new home. Still loving your work, I've cased a few of your layouts over the last few days and lvoe how they've turned out.
Thanks so much for the inspiration.