Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Getting Close...

Oh, wow... I'm exhausted! Moving is such hard work. The last update I gave you was a week ago... and that was BEFORE we lost power and BEFORE we had to start melting snow in order to flush the toilets. It was BEFORE we had to cart our air mattresses up to the living room and cozy up all together by the fire. It was BEFORE we had to tape grocery bags over our sneakers just to walk outside. And it was BEFORE we were buried in over 3 feet of snow and BEFORE we had to hire not one, but two plows to come dig us out. Alas, we kept a cheerful attitude through it all and consider ourselves very well prepared for whatever weather comes our way next! Here are a couple photos of what we experienced... this first one was our driveway.

And this next one is my truck... somewhere!

But the real reason I've signed on tonight is to let you know that I'm getting close to having my stamping supplies ready again! I've been working hard at it... because I have a lot of thank you cards to send out and I just REFUSE to buy them!

But... first things first... and playing in the snow with these three boys will always come first!


Angi (Mistress_of_Mayhem) said...

We so miss the snow!

What an adventure you are having!

The boys looked like they were having fun! These will be great stories to share cuddled up with mugs of hot cocoa next year! :)

Pattie Sykes (psychspa) said...

I missed your snow post of April 17. Guess I was too busy celebrating my birthday! Anyway, I now remember why I moved to Texas! Looks like you will be having quite the experiences in your new home. I loved the "greener" pictures of your new home and envied the long drive to your front door. But I know I wouldn't want to live with the snow. I'll leave that to you younger folks!!!


Jenn Greeley said...

I bet your boys are just loving the snow. Being from Texas, you know that we don't see it very often....what a change! said...

Hi Michelle! I lived in Denver for 11 years...1980-1991! Was it really that long ago. Time flies. My husband was most recently on a year and half job assignment in Pueblo! Colorado keeps pulling us back. Your home area looks beautiful. We are going to be building on 6 wooded acreas soon. I love how you have that long driveway! I was wondering where in the Denver area you have moved? Good luck and enjoy the Mile High area! You will love it!