Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Forces are Moving

I need to take a moment today and let you all know about some exciting things going on in the Force household...

As the title states, the Force family will be making a major move in early June. We will no longer be Texans... but will make our new home near Denver, Colorado! As if this weren't enough of a change, we are also going to be a homeschool family when we get there! Nothing like shakin' things up a bit, huh?! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have probably caught on to the fact that we are a pretty tight family... and we are all very excited about the new adventures that these changes will bring our way!

I am making this news public now for two main reasons:

#1- I needed to let you know that my blog will, unfortunately, have a much lower priority level as we embark on this exciting journey. I have a LOT to do over the next few months, and unfortunately stamping does not rank very high in the "must get done" category! (The horror!!) However, stamping is my creative outlet, and therefore very important when it comes to keeping me happy (happy mom = happy family, right?!). For this reason, I am confident that this cut-back will only be temporary. Just know that you can count on seeing my creations as often as I am able to make them. That's about all I can promise.

#2 - I am hoping that by making this public I will find some new fast friends in Denver! Certainly a few of my readers live in that area?? If you do - or if you have in the past - I would love to hear from you! As we are looking into the different areas surrounding Denver, your input would be very valuable to us. (and if you sell it well enough, maybe we'll move in next door :)

This may be new news to my local readers - I'll be SO sad to say goodbye to all of you. I will be having a couple final events here at my house in the next couple of months - one of which will be my annual free Valentine card workshop this coming Wednesday evening! I will also hold a final goodbye hoop-lah at some point where I'll have lots of Make & Takes, goodies to eat, give aways... oh, and some bargain prices on my retired sets so I don't have to take them with me! I'll keep you posted via e-mail, as I do hope you'll come by and visit one last time. With that said, I would be honored to remain your Stampin' Up! demonstrator even from Colorado. As always, I will be just a phone call or e-mail away, and I can always have your orders shipped directly to you... and with our 24-hour online catalog, you really don't even need me at all!! ...okay, let's not go that far.

So there it is. Nuthin' but the cold, hard facts. I'm not sure when my next post will be, as I must begin packing, searching for a new home, and continuing my heavy research on homeschooling, but I do hope you'll continue to check in on me!! ...and let me hear from you!!

Stampin' Hugs...


Michelle said...


Hello, not a lot of help for you but wanted to say good luck in CO, I lived there 20 years ago and if you've never been there it's beauty like you've never seen. Can't wait to watch your blog to see how you enjoy it. We lived in Aurora.

Jenn Greeley said...

Wow! Well I can't say that I'm not a little jealous of the exciting change. Cooler weather and very pretty surroundings. As a fellow Texan, I'm sorry to see you go, but I will definitely be checking often for updates on your new life in Colorado. Good luck. If you haven't checked this blog out,, you should. She's a home schooling mom and much more in Oklahoma. Great blog and lots of great information on homeschooling.

Megan said...

I used to live in Longmont, CO and LOVED it. It's an hour North of Denver...don't know if that's too far for you.
I love your site and look forward to more posts--when you get the chance:) Good luck!

~Christina~ said...

Good luck on the move!!!

Pattie Sykes (psychspa) said...

Well, congratulations, I think. This is indeed a big change for you all. But you know what "they" say.....change is good. Jenn Greeley beat me to my suggestion of I have come to enjoy her blog immensely. Although I don't check on the homeschooling section much, I'm sure it is as insightful and entertaining as the rest of her blog.

Good luck in your next chapter and I, personally, will miss the "regular" postings, but I know I will enjoy every moment you allow us into your life. And who knows, maybe this little blog will become much bigger with diversification!


Anonymous said...

I wish you and your family all the best Michele, what an exciting time for all of you. Please check in when time allows and let us know how you are doing. On a selfish note, I will miss you terribly in blogland! Sending you a big hug!!!!
Liz K

Jeanette said...

How exciting! We moved from Denver to Texas. Some day we will go back. We lived in what is called Littleton, but it was really unincorperated Jefferson County. The Columbine area near Wadsworth and Bowles. We mostly raised our children there. Good luck.

Ashley said...

Well GOOD LUCK with everything! I don't live in Denver, but my brother and sister in law right outside Denver. They live in Castle Rock. I would guess it's only about 15-20 mins from downtown Denver. And it has a FABULOUS outlet mall there! :) It's a great family oriented community and they love it. Just wanted to pass that along in case you wanted to look there. :) GOOD LUCK!

Jayne said...

Hi Michelle,

I live in Westminster, between Denver and Boulder. I started a group a year ago for demos that want to get together once a month. We talk a little business, swap and do two make & takes. Some of the demos have active uplines and some don't. We have fun! You are welcome to join in on the fun when you get here. Take care and have a safe and uneventful move.

Karen said...

Hi Michele,

Wowsers - you certainly are gonna have some big changes in your life and I wish you so much luck with that! I know you will all be just fine!

I know absolutely nothing about Dever, but if you wanna move to Australia, I can "sell" that to you really well! lol

I for one will still check in and see what your up to!

Take care