Sunday, October 11, 2009


Those of you who have been following my blog know that I haven't been stamping much lately... this move to Colorado has given me the quilting bug! Must be the crisp air? Anyway, I wanted to show you one of the little things I've spent time on... fabric coasters! This is nothing compared to the flannel rag quilts I've been making for the boys (of which I promise to show you soon), but these are super fun to whip up, and they make darling gifts.

I make a set of 6 that all coordinate together. Here's a closer look:

Then, I like to bundle them up with a bit of Stampin' Up! ribbon, like this:

Darling, huh?!


Jana T said...

How cute! What do you stuff inside them to make them heat resistant?

Linda said...

Looks like Jana beat me to punch asking if you had put any batting in the middle. They sure are cute and a great idea.

Michele Force said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies - there is no batting in the middle. The coasters are made with 6 layers of fabric: the bottom, the middle, and then the 4 layers on top that are each folded in half. I don't know how heat resistant they are, but then, we never have anything warmer than hot cocoa sitting on them! :)

christina #4635 said...

Your coaster are adorable!! I can't wait to try this project!!

christina #4635 said...

I tried these coasters and they are simple! I gave them as a birthday gift to a friend. Thanks for the wonderful idea!