Friday, October 9, 2009

Requesting Help!

Hi everyone! I am needing your help... I am in the market for a nice crafting-cabinet-type thingie (similar to the one shown here, only not in yellow!). My loyal readers may remember my private stamping room back in Texas. Well, I don't have that anymore. (Instead, I get to look at beautiful mountains, so it's a good trade!) But, my white tables do not look so good in our basement corner and I'm wanting to find something that works better. I would prefer one of those armoir-type cabinets that can close up when not in use. Here is a website I found, and although theirs are gorgeous, they're a bit too pricey for me right now.

So, does anyone have a good place for me to look? Leave a comment - and if someone directs me to the place I buy from, I'll send you an extra special goodie in the mail! (so be sure to leave an e-mail addy or another way for me to contact you!)

From one crafter to another, I thank you!


Caitlin said...

Scrapboxes are very popular right now.I think that they are kind of pricy but then again they include all the drawers.

Amy said...

Do you have an IKEA near you? I seem to recall that SU decked out one of their armoires for crafting in a recent Stampin' Success or at convention, maybe? I know I've seen photos somewhere. But IKEA tends to be pretty within-budget, if you can get to one.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the same thing so I'll be watching this spot like a hawk.... Thanks for asking for help for those of us that need this


Pattie Sykes said...

I have the scrapbox and thoroughly enjoy it's different storage areas. The only thing I wish I had is open shelving to store the SU box sets. I find it a little cumbersome (due to the different sizes of boxes) in locating specific sets even though they are in alpha order and labeled. I don't think it's as pricey as the one you identified. Contact me if you need more info or insight.

Rebecca Ross said...

I also have the Original Scrapbox and really love it since I don't have my own stamp room.

You can see pics of mine on my blog -

Pablo (yo) said...

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Oma said...

Is it possible to repaint what you already have? Just a thought.

mark said...

Hi, I actually have the Hobby Hideaway. They are pricy but the desk is so awesome and well worth it. I called and talked with them and they gave me $200 off the price. I went with them because of the desk and I also wanted something that would last (not made out of particle board). Now I don't have to clean up my sewing or scrapbooking - just close the doors.

Sherry said...

Are you a member of Split Coast Stampers or SCS? Here's how to get there: They offer a wealth of information on organization, products to buy and where to get them or just how to reorganize with what you currently have!
Good Luck!