Monday, March 4, 2013

A Dear Friend's Birthday

One of my dearest friends here in Colorado celebrated a birthday a couple weeks ago. We spent the day at the spa getting pampered and sloughing off all of the stress that tends to accumulate over time. It was a wonderful day! ...I wish I had the time and money to go more often, but in all honesty, I was using up a gift certificate that my husband gave me for Valentine's Day 2011!! Isn't that pathetic?! Thank goodness for my friend who wanted to go to the spa - she had a certificate, too, but at least hers wasn't 2 years old!

Here is the special card I made just for her:

I spent some extra time on this one, cutting out the flowers from the "Elements of Style" set. I then used some "Smooch" to dazzle them up a bit - I don't think that product is available any more (wait, I just saw it on the Clearance Rack... get it while you can!), but the Shimmer Paint or Dazzling Details would also look fabulous. The Smooch brush allowed the colors in the flowers to run just a bit, adding a nice watercolor effect. Again, that can also be done with current products like a blender pen. Notice the small pearls... always a favorite part for me!

Have a great week!

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Pattie S said...

Fussy Cutter Extraordinaire! Gorgeous. But we expect nothing less!