Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More Birthdays!

Here's a card I made for another dear friend of mine who recently had a birthday.  I was playing around more with the Delicate Details Lace Tape - it's really easy to work with because it is completely repositionable... no worries if you get it stuck on crooked, just lift it and reposition.  I learned that if you draw a very light line across your card with a pencil (to erase later), it becomes a piece of cake to get the lace on straight. I even cut the strip in half lengthwise so I could get twice as much out of it - that's a whole lot better than just covering up half of it!

Another version in pink:

And a third version in River Rock:

If you were looking closely, you probably noticed the pearls on each one!  Gotta have 'em!

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