Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Enjoy the Passing of Time

Yes, I have been bombarding you with "business" stuff... but after a wonderful vacation, and digging my way out of a mountain of laundry (it's only a small hill now!), I finally had a chance to sit back down at my stamp desk. Would you believe that I actually made eight cards last night?!! EIGHT! Oh, the pure joy of feeling a surge of creativity... and of having the supplies I need to satisfy said surge!

I love this saying (from the From My Heart set)... it reminds me to slow down and enjoy life instead of always rushing to do this or that. When I look at my kids and get that pang of fear (is it fear? or is it sadness?) in how quickly they are growing, that's a reminder too, to just slow down and enjoy the passing of time instead of waking up one morning wondering where it all went. Just moments ago, I bid my older boys farewell as they rushed off to catch the bus... I never want to forget the simple image of the two of them walking (okay, sprinting!) down the driveway together. They have been best friends all their life and I love to see them together... *sigh*

Ahem... pardon me for my sentimental moment! Back to the card... Just in case you can't see the pearls, here's a close-up:

I promise I'll be back soon to show you more results of my creativity explosion! Some are better than others... you'll have to tell me which one(s) are your favorites. I do love to hear from my readers!


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Pattie S said...

Very nice. Always enjoy hearing the personal bits too! We are back from several days in Missouri and I'm anxious to get back in the craft room with my girlfriend. Your inspirational images will push me in the right direction.