Monday, April 22, 2013

Time to Focus on Mom!

Hi friends!  Well, I received some interesting news over the weekend. After a full work-up and lots of blood (and even saliva - ewww!) testing, I have been informed that I am gluten intolerant. Lovely. In fact, I apparently have a whole host of issues going on that are most likely directly linked to my diet.  My doctor has recommended I not only go gluten-free, but she would like me to go Paleo as well - at least for the first several months. Wow. Talk about a lifestyle change. Well... I know I join an ever-growing population and I imagine some of you have perhaps had this diagnosis as well. I have been reading up on how my life will change, and although I know it will be tough to get used to, I am actually pretty pumped about the changes I will likely experience - both physically and emotionally. That is the motivation I need... but, I could certainly benefit from words of wisdom, so please share if you have some!

Aside from all that, Mother's Day is coming... time to get ready!

This is a card that I CASEd directly from the Nov/Dec 2012 Stampin' Success magazine (page 30). Stampin' Success is a publication chock full of gorgeous ideas and and great information sent to Demonstrators... yet another reason to become one yourself! Marina Mist and Cherry Cobbler are two of my very favorite colors, and the Polka-dot embossing folder is always a sure bet for a terrific, yet simple, background.

That's it for today - I'm hungry. I guess I'll eat a carrot.


Pattie S said...

Simply gorgeous!

~Cheryl said...

I am wheat sensitive and have recently gone to the wheat belly diet (4 weeks). I hear it is pretty close to the paleo diet (stay away from grains) I have the "Wheat Belly Cookbook" all the recipes I have tried so far are really good. It isn't too hard to do if you simply cook meats and veggies and don't use pre packaged/pre made stuff. One thing that I do find difficult more from habit is the idea of having rice or bread or pasta with meals. The American lifestyle is geared around grain products and I find myself trying to rethink the need for those items.

~Cheryl said...

PS. So glad to see you back Stamping. I love your creations!