Thursday, February 14, 2013

Will You Be My Valentimer?

When I was a little girl, I would always find a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a store-bought card on the table from my dad on Valentine's Day.  Before I knew the real name of the holiday, I would always call it "Valentime's Day," and my dad and I had a special saying, "Will you be my Valentimer?"  I smile at this memory every time Valentime's Day come around and wish that I lived closer to my dad so we could still be each others' Valentimers.  :)

Now that I'm all grown up... (and I use that term loosely)... I like to place a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a card on the table for each of my boys on Valentine's morning.  Here are the cards I made for them this year:

The Feeling Sentimental Sale-a-Bration set was perfect... not only because I love the images and not only because they have a natural masculine look, but because each of the images seemed to convey something about my three boys.  My oldest, Mason, loves to travel.  We took them to England/Scotland   about 18 months ago and he thrives in new cultures, soaking up everything he can.  This phone booth looks like it belongs in London, so it was perfect.  Red is his favorite color, and so Cherry Cobbler became the perfect color for this phone booth.  (one of my friends told me that I could've stamped it in blue and made it a Dr. Who card!)

My middle son, Morgan, is a fantastic unicycler, and so that made this image perfect for him!  It may not be a unicycle, but I bet if I actually had a bike like this, he'd have it mastered within 30 minutes.  Blue is his favorite color, so I chose Not Quite Navy.

...and just in case you don't believe me, here he is sporting his newest cycle that he got for Christmas.

My youngest, Maddox, is a hoot - always looking for fun.  The ferris wheel just seemed to round out the trio perfectly!  His favorite color seems to change daily, so I went with his birthstone... peridot - in this case, Wild Wasabi.

Maddox was required to take a box to school to collect his Valentines.  Back in my day, that entailed a shoe box covered in pink paper and candy hearts (can anyone relate?!).  Now, they tell us to "get creative" with it... Well, okay!!  As much as I would like to claim this next photo as my own, unfortunately I did not see it in time and therefore could not CASE it... which I would've done in a HEARTbeat because it's so stinkin' cute!

This came straight from the Stampin' Up! website, maybe some of you saw it, too.  Absolutely adorable.  Us?  Well, we decided to do a robot (mainly because robots lend themselves to un-altered box shapes - ha!).  Here is what Maddox and I came up with:

Nothing like gettin' creative with a few toilet paper rolls, huh?!  But, if you look closely, I did incorporate some Stampin' Up! goodies - his eyes (which are the fun, sparkly glitter paper), nose, and his name.  For the little bit of time we had to spend on it, I think we did okay.  Maddox is pleased as punch, and that's what counts.

And finally, here are the Valentines we made for Maddox's classmates:

This is a modification of the Scallop Envelope die.  We made them in all different colors - believe me, he told me what EACH of his classmates' favorite color was... *sigh*.  :)  Inside, we tucked a little individually-wrapped gummy candy.  He included a tag on the back with the to and from part.  It's great being a Stampin' Up! mom for holidays such as this!!

Happy "Valentime's" Day, everyone!


Amy Taylor said...

Love the new blog header!
I'm thankful you chose to be part of my team.

Pattie S said...

Great cards. Lucky kids! And not one word about how your Open House went! Bet you had lots of fun!