Thursday, October 11, 2007

Girls Club Project!

Edited to add: I have received so many e-mails about these shoes and I failed to mention that these are NOT my original design! (as if I'm half that talented!) These shoes appeared in a past issue of Papercrafts magazine and were originally created by Ellen Hutson. I appreciate all of your kind words, but it is Ellen who deserves your praise.

Okay, here it is! This is what we will be doing this Sunday at 2pm for Girls Club:

Aren't they fun?! Since these adorable shoes are a little more involved, it would be helpful for Moms to stick around this time to help (you know you want to make one anyway!). Each participant will receive all supplies to make one shoe, and depending on how quickly it goes, I have a couple other Halloween projects we can choose from if time allows. Girls ages 8-15 are welcome... (and if you don't have a daughter/niece/granddaughter and you really want to make one, well, talk to me and we can work something out!) $10 per child, or $15 for mother/daughter pair. Please bring scissors and adhesive. Sign up now!


Nancy Riley said...

OMG, Michelle!!!!!! These are so darn CUTE!!!!!!!! You're going to have people pounding down your door to make these!

Jackie W. said...

Ok, so these are just ADORABLE! Too cute!

Marelle Taylor said...

These look fabulous!