Monday, October 22, 2007

Groovy Guava Birthday Pocket

Here's a neat way to fold a card... we made this at my last Stamp-a-Stack:

There's a nice pocket to slide in a photograph or a little coordinating notecard such as the one shown here:

To make this card, you start with the same half sheet of cardstock as usual, but instead of folding it in half, you score and fold it at 2 1/2" and 6 1/2". The top flap overlaps the bottom by 1/2", which also makes the whole card 1/2" skinnier than a usual one. But it still fits in the envelopes just fine. If you want it to be the exact same size as a standard card, you'd either have to lose that little bit of overlap, or you'd have to cut the sheet of cardstock a different way and lose the opportunity to make two cards with one sheet. My notecard is 3 3/4" x 4 1/2" and fits beautifully without struggle (I hate it when you have to fight to slide something back in!). This card style would lend itself well to a Christmas card. Change out the colors and choose a more Christmassy stamp set (or, if you're like my good friend Marelle, you can find a way to make the butterfly wear ornaments or something!), and then tuck a family photograph in the pocket. You could even include a gift card if you wanted!

The colors I used here are Groovy Guava, Mellow Moss, Chocolate Chip, and Naturals Ivory. The stamp set is Priceless with a sentiment from Hugs & Wishes. The ribbon is the double stitched Guava, and you can use whatever brads you have on hand - I think these are silver. It's a simple card to make - the only thing to watch out for is when you're ready to attach the butterfly piece to the base, only use adhesive on the top portion since the bottom hangs off. Oh, and because it hangs off, I recommend using Glue Dots instead of SNAIL.

I hope you like it!


Diane Barnes said...

What a great idea Michele. Thanks for sharing it.

Marelle Taylor said...

Gorgeous card Michele! Can't wait until we get Groovy Guava too!

Tami said...

As usual, your projects are just splendid!! Thanks for sharing!!

Jackie W. said...

Love it SO much! I made a Christmas card on my blog with your design. It couldn't be better for those sending out cards with a family photo!