Friday, May 9, 2008

My Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Join My Team this month:

10. Have 24-hour access to the Demonstrator Website - full of information, training, and inspirational ideas.

9. Receive the fantastic Stampin' Success magazine each month!

8. You can attend Stampin' Up! conventions and regional events - be the first to see the new catalogs (which you get for FREE, by the way)!

7. You have me as a resource - come to workshops at my house for 1/2 price and receive any of my Instruction Sheets for FREE!

6. You can customize the fabulous Starter Kit to fit your needs!

5. You can earn 9 more FREE stamp sets over your first six months as a demonstrator through the Stampin' Start program.

4. Earn more FREE stuff through the Great Rewards program!

3. Enjoy a minimum 20% discount on any of your own purchases, or at least 20% commission on your sales.

2. Take advantage of a 30% discount on your first order of at least $150 within your first 45 days.

...and the Number 1 reason to join my team this month:
You can do it for 20% off!

During the month of May, Stampin' Up! is offering 20% off the Starter Kit price! But that's not all! They are also giving away a FREE set of Hodgepodge Hardware when you sign up! Combine both of these savings, and that's almost $68 they're GIVING you!! ...and to do what?! Join the most wonderful company around and have FUN at your job?! This is insane!!!

Click on the image above to view it at full size. Whether you are interested in starting a profitable business, earning some extra spending money, or simply want to support your hobby, joining Stampin' Up! is a wonderful way to do it. I, myself, began with the intention of supporting my hobby (I wanted all the colors of cardstock!), but quickly saw how profitable this decision was for me. I loved it when I began, I love it now, and I intend to love it for a long time to come! ...and I'd love to have you join me! It is my goal to support you in whatever your goals may be.

Contact me today for a free informational packet! No obligation, and never any pressure. I want to help you make a decision that is right for you and your family.


Nancy Riley said...

I couldn't have said it better! Love your top ten!!!!! If I wasn't already a SU Demo, I would love to have you as my upline!

Tiffany said...

Me too!!!!!