Tuesday, January 29, 2008

RAK From Jackie

This post is long overdue... but I have been hanging on to these photos because I want you to see this really neat card that Jackie Matyasovski sent me back in December! It's called a "Flip-Flop" card, and here are the photos to show how it works:

Isn't that neat? If you'd like to know how it's made, I encourage you to go check out Jackie's blog where you can contact her directly.

Thank you, again, Jackie for the smiles!


kat said...

Love the card - I clicked on the link and could not find the instructions... Could you take a look and post an update for me it you can find it??? I would love to try this card!

Michele said...

Kat, you didn't leave a way for me to contact you, so I hope you see this message. The links I put in the post take you to Jackie's blog (the person who created the card). To get instructions to make the card, I recommend sending Jackie an e-mail. You should be able to contact her from her blog. I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Love this card!