Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stamp Camp Tins!

I'm having so much fun making these Altoids tins! I promise I'll get back to cards real soon, but I have a couple more of these to show you first... and FINALLY... these are the tins we will be making at the Stamp Camp at the end of this month!! Keep reading for all the details...

For this first one, I was going for a more classic, old fashioned look. My idea is to keep it in your purse and use it as either a sewing kit or a first aid kit, but there are so many other ideas you could use it for... like holding gum or mints, or a little tablet and pen for times when you need to jot down a phone number. What about your lipstick and a small mirror? Or if you prefer your own kind of tea bag and/or sugar packets at restaurants, you could keep them handy in this darling little case! What other ideas can you think of? Share them with us!

Here it is filled with a little sewing kit:

And here it is with first aid supplies (everything shown here fits inside... the cough drops were pushing it's limits, but if you had to have them, they'd fit!):

Wouldn't this be a great little gift for your Mom, Grandmother, daughter, friend, Aunt, teacher, new neighbor, hair dresser, mentor...?

And on a more "cutsie" note, here is the other one I created... this one was originally designed with a little girl in mind, but I've already had several adult girls tell me that they want this one for themselves!

How do you like those Rhinestone brads? Nothing like a little bling for your purse, I always say (*giggle*)! Here's the inside without anything in it so you can see the adorable polka-dot lining...

If you like this one for yourself, you don't have to make it with a handle like shown here. It could be easily made like the first tin where there's just a little ribbon tab at the opening. You could change the sentiment on the front, too. But for a little girl, it looks darling as a purse filled with tiny makeup products:

I have also filled this with a little foam stamp set, or some short gel pens and a pad of paper... I'm sure you can imagine all the neat things you could find to put in here for your niece, daughter, granddaughter, or any young girl's birthday. It would even make a lovely Valentine gift with some jewelry in it!

Okay, so now that I have you interested (*hee hee*) here are the details on the Stamp Camp I'll be holding:

First of all, you may be asking, "What IS a Stamp Camp"? Well, it's a workshop where we make something a little more involved than my typical Stamp-a-Stack cards. It may be a gift item (like these tins), a home decor item (like the coasters we did in December), or even a more elaborate card with techniques that require more time or special accessories.

So here's the scoop:

January Stamp Camp
Tuesday, January 29th

7:00 - 9:00pm
At my home in Allen
Cost is $8.00 per tin

This includes:
All the supplies (tins, cardstock, ribbon, brads, etc.)
to make tins like the ones shown in this post!

Please bring your own adhesive.

Contents of tin are not included.
Please specify how many of each tin you'd like to make.

Be sure and sign up early to reserve your spot!


Denise... said...

Adorable. I'd come to your camp if I could, but alas, I am in Oregon. Do you mind sharing what adhesives you used? I've got lots of tins to alter, but I wondered about what to use to make the paper stick the best.

Diane said...

Cute! Wish I could come...lucky participants who can. You've been busy and everyone of your projects are superb! Love visiting your blog. So glad you love to share your great work.

Nancy Riley said...

Michele, these tins are SPECTACULAR! They're decorated so cute, and those are some very creative items you've come up with to fill them! Your stamp camp will fill up fast, I'm sure!!

Ali Manning said...

These are so cute, I nearly fell off my chair. Your customers will have so much fun making and filling these!

nancy morgan said...

Michelle, I only wish I lived closer...I'd be there in a heartbeat! These tins are just have such an eye for detail. Amazing = )!!!

Diane Barnes said...

I love all your work Michelle, but these tins are seriously gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing them and your ideas for what to put in them too - I'll have to try your notepad & paper idea I think.

Arctic Spring said...

Wow - what an awesome idea. Wish I could be there - Hope you have a blast. Thanks for posting it on your blog!.... I really like the idea!

Marelle Taylor said...

Cute!! Can I come??? *sigh*

Dianne said...

Your tins are absolutely darling! Not only are they adorably decorated, but I love the different themes you put together for the insides.

Anonymous said...

I love your creative ideas on these tins. I live in Portland, so I can't come to your camp even if I love to. I just want to ask you as to how you punched a hole for the tin strap? What glue did you use to adhere the paper? Thanks.

Michele Force said...

Annonymous (you didn't leave any way for me to contact you)... I used the Crop-a-Dile to poke the holes in the tins and I used ModPodge to adhere the paper after lightly sanding the tin first. Hope that helps! Thanks for your kind words.

BSmith-Allen said...

Cute ideas. How do you attach your ribbon handle? Thanks for your help ahead of time.

Michele said...

Not sure if you'll get this, BSmith-Allen, but I used an old Crop-a-dile tool to punch the holes in the tin (cuts it like butter!). Then tied large enough knots in the ribbon so it wouldn't pull through.

BSmith-Allen said...

Thanks so much for the reply and info. Going to try it!