Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What An Honor!

I was named by Nancy Morgan, of PaperSmiles, to receive this rather prestigious award.

I would like to thank my producers, my editor... oh, um, wrong industry. Uh, I would like to thank my wonderful husband of 15 years for putting up with my late night stamp attacks. I thank my boys for their support and their enthusiasm to want to create cards by themselves. I thank Nancy for the honor of her nomination. I thank my wonderful customers and friends who continue to make my head swell by their lovely comments. I would also like to thank my parents who gave me a... wait, don't start the music! ...who gave me a loving home in which... why does the music get even louder? It's just rude! ...in which to grow and learn! THANK YOU America!


I have also been asked to present the next award for an outstanding E-rated Blog. And the nominees are:

Marelle Taylor of ThINKspot
Jayne Mercer of {ME} and my thought
Ali Manning of New England Stamper
Jackie Wright of Jackie's Blog
Aly Schilling of Stamping with Aly!

And the winner is... oh heck, they ALL win!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I can't thank you enough for thinking of me to nominate for an "E" award! I appreciate that so much! I can thank you since I look to your blog daily for inspiration! Seriously! Thank you for your kind comments, too!

Marelle Taylor said...

Awww shucks! Thanks Michele!

Aly Schilling said...

Thank you for this award, Michele! I've been so busy lately that I'm just getting around to catching up on some blogs.

I just have to say... I'm so impressed with your Blog. You're doing such a wonderful job! I haven't seen a card on your website that I haven't fallen in love with. Your quality and craftsmanship are amazing. I also love your professionalism not just in your designs but in how you conduct your blog.

Being a Stampin' Up! Product Purest, I love being able to go to a blog and seeing all Stampin' Up! Product!! You don't get that much any more :)

Thank you for your inspiration!!! And again for the nomination.

Aly Schilling of www.alystamps.com