Saturday, June 30, 2007

Coming at you from Louisiana...

Well, I said I'd get back to "work" and instead, I got back to NATURE! We decided on Friday morning (just after I posted the last entry) to head off on a weekend camping trip with the boys. So here I am, in lovely Louisiana, sitting in the woods, typing a message to all of you. Dedication? You bet. I'm here for you, people!!

And as for the working... well, I'll have you know that I HAVE, in fact, been working! We met up with my father-in-law and step-mother-in-law (and fellow Stampin' Up! recruit) who travelled from Mississippi and so I brought along a few... okay, a LOT of stamping supplies to show her some new tricks. While doing that, I created a gorgeous box that holds a few cards and envelopes (several of you have been asking about how to make those)... I also created a couple of cards for her, too. And although I'm not able to upload the photos to show you right now, I will certainly do so as soon as I'm back at home. Hey, cut me some slack! I'm in the middle of the woods suffering through this DOG-SLOW wireless internet connection just to let you know where I'm at because I love y'all so much (I normally wouldn't touch ANY sort of technology while on a camping trip)! So anyway, I promise to show you what I've been working on in a couple days... and I'll give you 3+ photos all at once just to make up for it. Deal?

Until then, HAPPY STAMPING and "Lassaiz le bon temps roulette!" (I may have really butchered the spelling there (it's been a LONG time since French class!), but I'm feeling a bit cajun being in these neck of the woods. Some kind soul could leave me a comment educating me on the proper spelling... I'd go Google it myself, but I don't have 30 minutes to wait for the page to display.)

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Marelle Taylor said...

Well I never did French in highschool, but google say "Laissez le bon temps roulette", so you were pretty close! Can't wait to see your creations when you return!