Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another Chicken by Marelle!

I have a treat for you today (and for me too)! I actually get to post a gorgeous card that my dear (and incredibly talented) friend Marelle made! (In fact, as I was preparing the photo for posting, I realized I needed to alter my watermark to say "stamped by Marelle" instead of "Michele"... I hope you don't mind me making a watermark on your behalf, Marelle.) Anyway, this card was waiting for me when I returned from Utah. I had sent her some things a couple weeks ago, including the dreaded chicken images she initially wanted to behead and send back my way. But I think that from the look of what she's created with them, that she's gotten rather attached to them! Take a look at her blog to see the rest of her flock!

For all of you here in the US, keep in mind that this fun set (called "Best of Cluck") is retired. But maybe you are "clucky" enough to have it in your stash and can recreate some of these fun ideas that Marelle has shown us. She's in Sydney, Australia, so she gets the pleasure of working with these chicks for several more months! Although, from the way she talks, I think she's colored her last chicken. Too bad, really. She's really quite good at it, wouldn't you say?

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Marelle Taylor said...

Yep, I've had fun with these chooks. Love my new watermark!