Saturday, July 21, 2007

In-Color Combinations

Hi there! Still in Utah, but I wanted to share a link with you. You have read about how I rely on the Color Coach a great deal... but it doesn't include the In-Colors. So Stampin' Up! puts together a separate document that gives some dynamite combinations using these 6 trendy colors. Visit it here!

I am having a wonderful time in sunny Salt Lake City... Angela and I took a beautiful hike (with Maddox on our back, mind you!), we've had some fabulous meals, I've visited with Angela's wonderful family, and we are even trying to squeeze in a little bit of card creating in the midst of all the busy-ness. Angela needs to make a baby shower invitation, so we've been working on that a little. She needs to send out around 50 of them, so we're not going to make it too elaborate, but I'll take a picture when we're done so you can see that I did do SOMETHING!! It won't be using much of Stampin' Up!'s wonderful products, though... because Angela doesn't have much of it. (I really must remedy that situation for her, don't you think?!) But as a head designer for Lisa's QVC shows, Angela gets buried in products from every craft manufacturer out there. It's like a scrapbook store right here in her home! Tomorrow, Lisa is going to keep Maddox so Angela can take me to see the incredible Mormon Tabernacle Choir - what a treat!

Okay... gotta run. We're going out shopping today!

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