Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday from Melanie!

Here is another absolutely beautiful birthday card that I've received from another very good friend! This came from Melanie, just down the road from me... you may remember Melanie from this post? She's the one that brought me the gorgeous flowers - she's just that kind of friend! Here's the card she brought to me on Friday:

Isn't it beautiful?! Melanie has recently purchased some Stampin' Up! supplies of her own so she can start making cards at her own home in addition to the ones she comes here to make during my Stamp-a-Stack workshops!

Melanie, you did a FABULOUS job on this!! I cherish your friendship! ...and by the way, everyone, she's getting ready to have her 4th baby any day now, and I can't wait to show you the card I've already made to welcome his arrival!

Lastly, just so you know, my friends from Scotland arrived safely yesterday (Sunday) afternoon and I am having the time of my life visiting with them! Audrey and I have "known" each other for 5 years come next week, and although we've never officially met before yesterday, you'd never know it.

I have to say that my posts will be very brief while they are here as I don't want to spare a single minute away from her... I do hope you'll understand! And THANK YOU to everyone who has been sending me birthday cards!! I will keep posting them every-other day or so. You are all so, so kind to be doing this for me!!

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shaunda_douglas said...

I am so impressed Melanie! You are so talented!

Michele - Enjoy your visit and happy belated birthday.