Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Ribbon Share!

It's that time again!! Time to share some ribbon...

This month, I'm doing the Narrow Grosgrain Ribbon. But since there are so many colors, I'm doing half of them this month and half of them in July. If you participate in the share this month, you will receive approximately 3 yards each of:

Whisper White, Pumpkin Pie, Apricot Appeal, Real Red, Elegant Eggplant, Tempting Turquoise, Certainly Celery (featured in this month's Stamp-a-Stack card pictured here), and Always Artichoke!

That's 24 yards of ribbon - enough to embellish at LEAST 54 cards (a lot more if you don't wrap the whole card)!! The cost is just $12, which includes shipping and tax. Let me know if you'd like to participate BEFORE June 20th (as that's when I'll be placing the order), and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Anyone in the US can participate - demonstrator or not. It's a perfect way to have all the colors of ribbon without purchasing entire spools.

My Ribbon Shares have become very popular - if you haven't given it a try, perhaps this month's selection will entice you! And to my "Regular Ribbon Sharers", I'd love it if you would leave a comment about your experience in my past Ribbon Shares so all can hear how wonderful they are. Thanks!

...and stay tuned for my next post, as I've made a set of fun cards that feature the Pumpkin Pie narrow Grosgrain!


Pattie Sykes (psychspa) said...

I have participated in all of Michele's ribbon shares. Her attention to detail in the packaging is amazing and I have never been disappointed.

Thanks for everything you do, Michele, you are truly inspirational.


Debbie said...

I have participated in 3 ribbon shares so far. I love them! I love the packaging in the small zip bags. Keeps them clean and ready to use. It's a nice way to sample ribbon colors and types of ribbon without buying an entire roll. She mails them promptly too. Her cards are amazing!

Amber said...

I have participated in all but one share (because I am a ribbon hoarder-rather-than-user type and decided I didn't "need" that particular type of ribbon) but I will be participating again for the narrow grosgrain, as it is so nice to have some of all of the colors without having huge rolls to use up that would cost a small fortune. I like the fact that Michele takes the time to package each individual cut of ribbon so they stay nice and neat and don't get dirty or tangled up. And she is quick to get it shipped out for those of us that are anxious to get it in the mail. Thanks for doing this Michele--it's GREAT!!!

Beverly aka beestamper said...

Love your ribbon share idea - absolutely fantastic! I am really enjoying your blog... you have created some fantastic stuff!

Tabitha said...

I participated in last month's ribbon share!

It was my first ribbon share and let me tell you it Michele did a VERY professional job. The ribbon all comes in its own little baggie. It was cut straight so there was no fraying.

Michele even shipped the items super fast!

Who doesn't need more ribbon?