Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Idea Book - HALF OFF!

I'm sorry I've been "absent" for a couple days... been cleaning up my Stamp Room because my parents are coming for the night tonight and as you may remember, my Stamp Room is also the guest bedroom. ...of course, it's nice to actually see the bed when you've got folks who need to sleep in it.

Through all of my cleaning, I discovered I have a case of current Idea Books (good through early August) that I need to unload! So I'm going to offer them to you at half price! Normally, they are $9.95, and when you consider that they contain at least 200 pages chock full of beautiful photographs and card ideas, that's a pretty good deal! By the way, did you know that you can find a list of all the supplies used for every card/project that's in the book? Yup - all this starts on page 198! Very handy when you need a quick card or see a color combo that really speaks to you.

(Click on the thumbnail above if you'd like to flip the pages) In any case, I am offering my remaining Sping-Summer 2008 Idea Books for only $5.00! If shipping is necessary, add on $2.60 - I can only ship to the US though.

In addition, I still have some older Idea Books left that I will offer at $3.00 each. I have a few of the '06-'07 books and some of the Fall-Winter '07 books. If you would like more than one book, I will have to give you a separate quote for the postage.

It is SOOOOOO much easier to have these books in person instead of thumbing through it online. I think you'll agree... so who wants one?

PS: I promise to finish up this room real fast so I can post another project I made recently... I should be able to get to it later today when the little one isn't forcing me to type one-handed.

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